CIS 598 (final project)

This was the final project for my computer science degree. In this case, I thought of creating the ability to design widgets for the desktop, using the Lua language, which is a fast scripting language that is relatively easy to sandbox.

CMSC project 1

This was the first in a series of homework assignments that would use this project to introduce us to variuous algorithms taught in the class. This particular assignment was to create a spreadsheet that can solve basic equations.

CMSC project 2

This assignment teaches us how to compile the equations to a specific instruction set, which is useful for designing interpreters and compilers.

CMSC project 3

This project appears to be centered on Huffman encoding, which is an algorithm that compresses data based on frequency.

CMSC project 4

This final assignment puts what I know to the test, and appears to be a re-implementation of project 1 using more advanced algorithms.

Fast Blur filter for AOI

(Art of Illusion) (2007/2008, unlikely to be compatible with AOI anymore)

Improvement of default blur filter that came with AOI, includes an improved algorithm and multithreading.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker icon

This is an icon for the Hearthstone Deck Tracker. I dabble in artwork from time to time, both 2D and 3D artwork.

Refresh of Hearthstone Deck Tracker icon

A refresh of the icon. Hearthstone Deck Tracker had changed significantly, so I thought it was time to refresh the icon to match.

Reagent Restocker( website )

Reagent Restocker was a mod for World of Warcraft that would restock various items for the player when visiting in-game shops. I had actually obtained permission from the original author to continue the project because it was largely abandoned. Sadly, after keeping it up for several years, I have pretty much abandoned it myself, as interest was waning and I am no longer actively playing World of Warcraft.

JBLM Chaplain Home Page

This is a web page I designed and created for the chaplains office at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. It is my first foray into responsive design. I have used some of the same techniques for this page, however since this page is my personal page, I can continue to refine the design of this page. I am no longer working for the chaplains office, so I can no longer continue to advance that design, but hopefully it will stand the test of time and serve them in the forseeable future.

This page!

Yup, this page! This page is hand coded, and I've done a lot of behind the scenes work to make it work for practically everything. It will show a custom icon when placed on the home screen of a mobile device. It's fully responsive, adapting the layout from a tiny watch to a full size desktop, and everything in between.